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1997.06.10 14:01 "Can you help ?", by Albert Vanaschen
1997.06.11 11:26 "Re: Can you help ?", by John Porter

1997.06.11 11:26 "Re: Can you help ?", by John Porter

I am working on a project where multi single page tiff files have to be converted to 1 multi page tiff file. "tiffcp" does the trick. We ported it on HP-UX but are not very successful to port it to Win32.

I was wandering if you have a compiled version that you could e-mail to me.

I do not need all the other utilties right now but would welcome it if you could send them all. BUT, I would be very glad if you would have the "tiffcp" executable (and needed DLLs) for win32.

I recently discovered DocView at which seems to do the multi page business. It is shareware. If you have something to compare, I also have an application that I am just getting into and would like to consider other packages.

John S. Porter