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1998.02.17 16:03 "ToTiff converter?", by Per Soderlund


Is there anybody out there that can help me with some source code/binaries for converting this image format:

Byte 0-3 not used
Byte 4-5 number of scan lines with Byte 4=LSB, Byte 5=MSB
Byte 6-7 number of Bytes in a scan line with Byte 4=LSB, Byte 5=MSB,
and 2Bytes/Pixel
Byte 8-127 Not Used
Byte 128 - Image data, 2 bytes/Pixel since we are dealing with 12 bit
greyscale images stored as 16 bit, LSB first.

To TIFF 12(or rather 16) bit format. I need to access these images from photoshop 4.0 /Win95 (Yes it can handle 12 bit greyscale).

Any suggestions are appreciated. And please, I'm no C-guru, so try to be simple.