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1997.01.09 10:13 "Tiff utilities", by Rajat Varma
1997.01.09 11:38 "Re: Tiff utilities", by Karsten Spang

1997.01.09 10:13 "Tiff utilities", by Rajat Varma

Dear Sam,

I downloaded some tiff utilities from your ftp server. And now I seem to have installed it. But while using libtiff in the following way

gcc tiff.c -ltiff

I get error

Undefined reference to floor and pow in /usr/lib/

It seems somewhere math.h is not being included, I am using tiff-v3.4beta035 on a Red Hat Linux kernel 2.0.27.

I would be very grateful if you would let me know as to howto rectify this problem.

Yours Sincerely

Rajat Varma
National Center for Biological Sciences,
(TIFR Center)
IISc Campus
P.O. Box 1234,
Bangalore 560 012.