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2002.06.25 16:16 "RE: Batch Printing programs.", by Weimer, Gary

If I'm not mistaken, you should be able to provide a copy of the CD Images in discovery.

Most states allow for "Best evidence", unless you're under additional constraints.

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Hate to be obvious, but on a modern unix system with the printer properly installed, this could probably be done with one commandline.

   More info about the target system might help you find an easy solution.

My current system is win 2000, by no means am I an IT expert... more of a research person really. I personally had not really thought of a unix system because I am working in a litigation copy service and really dont have the trained staff to be able to handle something like that with our current network. I am looking for some kind of program to do the ripping in the forefront so I can keep the printer working at close to rated speed, of 105 pages per minute.


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