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1998.04.21 14:00 "<ping>", by Bryan Medsker
1998.04.21 14:48 "Re: <ping>", by Phillip Griffith
1998.04.21 17:44 "Re: <ping>", by Sam Leffler
1998.04.21 15:18 "Re: <ping>", by Tom Lane
1998.04.21 17:45 "Re: <ping>", by Sam Leffler

1998.04.21 17:44 "Re: <ping>", by Sam Leffler

I have no problem with someone else setting up archives of the mailing list. Any good archival system should (I'd claim) be able to work simply by subscribing itself to the mailing list--in which case there's no reason why anyone would need my permission to do it...