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1997.03.13 02:42 "Proprietary Frmats", by Gene Bostwick
1997.03.13 15:55 "Re: Proprietary Frmats", by Randy Prakken

1997.03.13 15:55 "Re: Proprietary Frmats", by Randy Prakken

I am attempting to extract and build individual tiffs from a multi-tiff file created on a UNISYS scanner with a "proprietary" format. Having read through the TIFF5.0 & 6.0 docs, I remain confused on several issues.

Question - can someone point me to a site or program that would serve as a model for me to write a DOS-based program to process the single, large, multi-tiff file (80+ images) and build a separate file for each tiff? While I'm wishing, I'd like to do this in a high level language such as COBOL. (I know, I know but that's the requirement).

If you go to, you will see source code for a TIFF "tag dumper" called "tiffy". It is a good model for how to process IFD's and such. It can be compiled with 16 bit DOS compilers and we provided a PC-DOS tiffy.exe there too. The high level language we use is called C. :-)

As part of our SwiftScan product, we have developed a program called "PostDoc" which does what you want and a _lot_ more. For example, it can insert pages from one multi-page TIFF into another and most any "page at a time" thing you could imagine for TIFF. This is documented at We don't have a separate price for it now but I have been considering doing so.


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