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1997.03.11 06:09 "Win32 Optimizations !!!", by Shabd
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1997.03.13 13:42 "RE: Win32 Optimizations !!!", by Scott Wagner
1997.03.12 13:44 "Re: Win32 Optimizations !!!", by Scott Wagner

1997.03.13 13:42 "RE: Win32 Optimizations !!!", by Scott Wagner

Hello all,

FYI, the GlobalAlloc family of functions is obsolete in Win32. They are a holdover from 16-bit Windows, and not to be used.

According to the Win32 API, "A process can use the GlobalAlloc and LocalAlloc functions to allocate memory. In the linear 32-bit environment of the Win32 API, the local heap and the global heap are not distinguished. As a result, there is no difference between the memory objects allocated by these functions."


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